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What Consumers Say:

"I really like this! It’s neat

to show how many people

like the product, it’s like a

product review.”


"This is a cool way to tell my

grocer that I like the product

so they keep it in stock.”

Today, shoppers can interact with our Like Machine®, a small, electronic marvel that allows shoppers to push a “like” button when they choose an item. These “likes” are displayed signaling to other shoppers, the store and the brands on the shelves, what the local community thinks. Tomorrow, it will be in different forms, on various devices, and interacting with multiple forms of media...but the shopper will still be able to express and decide™ with In Store Social™.

It’s simple. We want to give shoppers an easy and immediate way to express their opinions about what they’re buying, and to be informed by the decisions of others, all where it matters most- right at the shelf. Our mission- empower shoppers to express and decide™ wherever commerce takes place in a physical location. From L.A. to NYC, Dublin to Tokyo, shoppers can know exactly what their neighbors think of the same brand. In short, The Like Machine® brings Social In Store™.

Enabling shoppers to

express and


at the

point of


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