Seamless Experience

Save time and hassle with our fully managed program

We develop your POPS® program with custom, store-level pricing and variable messaging, handling every detail in-house to bring you accuracy, flexibility and speed to shelf.


In-house design services

Our expert design team can support you with sign design, applying best practices to optimize impact at the shelf.

  • We collect all retailer logos and store-level pricing
  • 3M Visual Attention Service (VAS) eye-tracking technology to validate sign effectiveness


Variable messaging

With our exclusive capabilities to vary messaging to the store level, you can tailor your message by region or retailer to increase influence.

  • Variable price to combat local completion
  • Variable messaging to target specific shopper segments
  • Creative management services to ensure compliance to both brand and store policies


Short lead time

Our flexible timelines help you get to the shelf sooner and respond faster to market dynamics.

  • Fast, 5-week lead time
  • 2-week cycles help you test and adjust message quicker


Inclusive retailer network

Expand your reach to capture new shoppers through our inclusive retailer network covering 23,000 stores.

  • Drive volume through top national retailers
  • Grow profits through higher-margin regional retailers
  • Expand reach through growing independent retailers


JIT rollout program

Maximize your promotion budget and support products at the exact time they hit the shelves with our Just-in-Time program.

  • Signage follows your ACV build
  • Schedule programs in specific markets at the right times to optimize spending


Testing services

Take advantage of testing services Insignia offers to validate the effectiveness and measure the results of your in-store promotion programs.

  • In-house insight and analytics services
  • Matched panel testing services

Insignia has implemented successful in-store promotion programs for more than 300 CPG retail brands.

Spark the Sale. Own the Close.