Drive shoppers center store to grow category sales

The Insignia POPS® Program offers retailers the advantage of combining superior sales lift with a completely integrated merchandising program. Insignia works with your existing merchandising initiatives to complement what you’re already doing. Our signs feature your store’s logo, your color scheme and your price that, together, create a powerful, attention-grabbing system. The end result is a program that generates the industry’s best lift with signs that look great at the shelf.


Promotion opportunities with 300+ CPG brands

  • Gain access to national brand advertising dollars to communicate brand benefits to your shoppers
  • Get paid for each sign placed
  • Disrupt shopping habits and drive shoppers center store


Simple, seamless program execution

  • We handle all the details to print, package and send signs to your distribution center for delivery to your store.
  • No start-up or set-up fees
  • No risk
  • Media recommendations to complement your in-store marketing strategy
  • Monthly reporting and program results


Sign with price has stopping power

  • Consumers have been trained to scan quickly for price
  • Price taps shoppers’ deal-seeking habits to create perception of value—even for products that aren’t on sale
  • Clean design, clear message and high contrast simplify choice


2 to 3 times more lift than other in-store signage programs66% of POPS® programs run at the product’s full price

  • Tested and proven to achieve industry-best lift
  • Demonstrated results—15 years of matched panel test analysis and Nielsen/IRI data



Effective whether item is on deal or not

  • Effective at base, everyday low price, or can amplify TPR
  • Beneficial for low and high price point products



Custom, store-specific signage

  • Your logo aligns your store with top consumer brands
  • Real-time pricing ensures accuracy at shelf
  • 2-week cycles accommodate price changes
  • Variable messaging capabilities allow for targeted messaging, down to the store level

Drive shoppers center store to grow category sales

  • Perpendicular placement draws attention to break habitual buying patterns
  • Retailer logo builds trust; value perception helps overcome risk of trial


Increase basket size and profits

  • A POPSign® works whether products are on deal or not

Insignia POPS


POPS® Format Specifications

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