Insignia POPS


Price-powered persuasion triggers action

Advertising has its place, but at the point of decision, you need more. You need hard-hitting promotional tools. Our POPS® program integrates store price, your brand and the retailer’s logo—for ultimate impact with proven power to lift sales.


Price has stopping power

  • Consumers have been trained to scan quickly for price
  • Price taps shoppers’ deal-seeking habits to create perception of value—even for products that aren’t on sale
  • Clean design, clear message and high contrast simplify choice
  • Direct access to real-time, store-level pricing assures accuracy


Logo aligns your brand with retailer strategies

  • Effective at base, everyday low price, or can amplify TPR
  • Beneficial for low and high price point products


Industry-best lift

  • Tested and proven to achieve 2 to 3 times more lift than other in-store signage programs
  • Demonstrated results—15 years of matched panel test analysis and Nielsen/IRI data


Variable messaging to the store level

  • Variable messaging capabilities allow you to tailor in-store strategies to local needs
  • Flexible 2-week cycles let you implement changes fast


Lock in your in-store advantage

  • Category exclusivity options available to CPG brands
  • Opens category access to counter competitive category exclusivity

Maximize new product success

  • Synergize local messaging with national advertising
  • Align distribution to amplify turns with our Just-in-Time program


Break through category clutter to drive trial

  • Perpendicular placement draws attention to break habitual buying patterns
  • Retailer endorsement builds trust; value perception helps overcome risk of trial


Drive profitable volume

  • Reach new shoppers through our inclusive network
  • Your POPSign® works whether the product is on deal or not
  • Be active in store in key seasons without redemption costs

POPS® Format Specifications


POPS® 2016 Calendar

Dollar 2016 Calendar

Extended Network 2016 Calendar

Spark the Sale. Own the Close.