Insignia PLUS Program

Drive more shoppers down more aisles

The Insignia PLUS Program delivers value at absolutely no cost to our retail partners, bringing attention where it’s needed most—to priority programs that drive more to your bottom line.


Promote store brands

Store brands continue to grow in consumer acceptance, but they’re often undernourished in exposure and promotion. The Insignia PLUS Program gives retailers needed support to promote and build awareness for high-margin store brands.


Build awareness of center-store products

Even the best retailers struggle to drive shoppers center store. Grab their attention and encourage them to enter additional aisles with the Insignia PLUS retailer merchandising program.


Accelerate priority programs

Insignia PLUS offers retailers an advantage by driving consumer attention where it matters most. Activate and accelerate your priority programs in-store with welcomed “Interruptive Signage” at the shelf that breaks habitual shopping patterns to bring their focus where you want it.

Grow high-margin center store sales even more with the power of Insignia PLUS and Insignia POPS® working together.



In-house design services

Our expert design team can support you with sign design, applying best practices to optimize impact at the shelf.

  • We collect all retailer logos and store-level pricing
  • 3M Visual Attention Service (VAS) eye-tracking technology to validate sign effectiveness

Spark the Sale. Own the Close.