Case Studies


National Nutrition Drink Sees 22% Sales Lift

During a Re-Launch with new formulation and packaging, this nutritional drink brand used Insignia's POPS Program to drive volume and increase revenue per store. They were able to avoid product confusion as well as tie in their out-of-store advertising.


Snack Company Drives Trial During Key Merchandising Period

During a supercharged event period, this snack company was able to tie a POPS Program to a TPR, allowing their brand to break through the noise at shelf and drive incremental revenue per store above and beyond the effects of a TPR alone.


Move Volume With or Without Price Reduction

The Insignia POPS Program can move volume regardless of the pricing strategies of the brand. The strong call to action on the sign drives volume at full margin, and can amplify a price reduction.

Spark the Sale. Own the Close.