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Brand Solutions

Marketing is more
prevalent than ever

In today’s media enriched world, the average consumer is exposed to more than 3,000 branded messages per day. However, most of them only recall about 17% of the messages.

by bringing your out of store marketing strategies to shelf & reminding shoppers of your message in front of your product at the point of purchase.

Our Brand Partners

We are proud to partner with over 300 Consumer Packaged Good manufacturers. Our partners include top brands in grocery, health & beauty, household needs, and even pet care.

Our Retail Partners

With a growing network of over 22,000 stores, we execute everything from national campaigns to targeted store level programs. Our retail partners are a part of the Insignia family.

Our Capabilities
We provide customized solutions for all of your brand’s objectives.
Store Level Localization

We understand that shoppers’ wants and needs can vary dramatically across the country, which is why we focus on localization. Tailor your message by region or retailer to increase relevancy with shoppers.

  • Ability to vary messaging at the store level
  • Variable pricing to combat local competition
  • Variable messaging to target specific shopper demographics
New Product Launches

With our Just-In-Time program, you can support new product launches or brand upgrades at the exact moment they hit the shelf. No more lagging between communications.

  • Fast. Our 5-week lead times allows you to enter markets quickly
  • Flexible. Signs are sent over a 6-week period to stores that have distribution
  • Risk Free. Only pay for advertising when the products hit the shelves
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Digital Amplification

Our programs at the shelf let you close the marketing loop and amplify your digital campaigns directly at the point of purchase.

  • Promote national or regional digital coupon programs
  • Provide shoppers opportunities to learn more while at the shelf
  • Amplify sweepstakes, websites, loyalty programs and more
Targeted Marketing

Our expansive networks allow you to identify and execute branding toward specific regions or geographies. Target areas that are most relevant to your brands objectives for maximum efficiency.

  • Focus only on areas where your brand has distribution
  • Identify regions where your brand is over or under developed
  • Include variable messaging to target your key demographics
Store Specific Pricing

With our unique retail partnerships, your program is integrated into retailer pricing systems. This guarantees accurate and real-time store level pricing data for your specific UPC.

  • Highlight your full value proposition at shelf with equity plus price
  • Amplify trade promotions
  • Run everyday low price for maximum margin opportunities
Promotional Events

Our variable messaging capabilities allow you to strengthen promotional events on a large-scale basis. Target multiple retailers when it’s most important and all at once.

  • Highlight sweepstakes events seasonally, nationally, and regionally.
  • Partner with retailers to develop custom events
  • Drive more participation into promotional events
How We Do It

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