Insignia is an in-store promotion expert that helps companies drive trial and sell more products. At the shelf is where the rubber hits the road—and you’ve got 3 seconds to make an impact. With our exclusive programs, nimble capabilities and network of retail and CPG partners, we deliver 3 seconds of power at the moment of truth—to help our customers engage shoppers, get noticed and trigger action in the store, where the buying decision is made.



Helping CPG clients Own the Close.™

With all the time and money you invest to move shoppers down the path to purchase, you can’t afford to neglect them at the point of decision. Our exclusive in-store brand programs extend national promotion and advertising to the shelf, to make sure your entire investment pays off.


Helping retail partners spark sales

Retailers need to break current shopping habits—to inspire consumers to try new products, shop more areas of the store and ultimately decide to put extra items in the cart. Insignia supports retailers with branded and private label retail programs to help increase basket size and grow category sales.



Exclusive in-store promotion programs

Trigger consumer action at the point of sale with exclusive in-store programs that deliver proven performance in motivating shoppers to buy whether products are on deal or not.


Inclusive retailer network

Grow CPG brands efficiently through our unique network of more than 23,000 national, regional and independent grocers.


Leading CPG brands

Promotion opportunities with 300+ CPG retail brands help retailers strengthen shopper connections and drive consumers center-store to grow category sales and profits.


Flexible, turn-key support

React fast to changing market dynamics with our shorter lead times and nimble services—to get in-store faster and get results sooner.

About Us

Insignia has implemented successful in-store promotion programs for more than 300 CPG retail brands.

Spark the Sale. Own the Close.