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Shoppers are our boss.

We have an insatiable curiosity for understanding why shoppers shop, how they shop and what makes them buy what they buy.

We put the shopper first in everything we do and we listen to their voice in every decision we make.

We deeply understand brands and develop solutions that achieve their objectives and develop a more meaningful relationship with their shopper.

Are you engaging your shopper…

At the Moment of Truth?

At Point of Purchase?


At Their Feet?

With Digital Offers?

In Store?


Around the Perimeter?

At Shelf?

What We Do

We understand the challenges that brands face. With numerous consumer options, it’s hard to achieve your specific objective while simultaneously developing a meaningful relationship with your shopper. We partner closely with your team in order to develop programs that can do both.

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Solve Problems

We have a team of dedicated shopper engagement experts who are up to date on consumer’s everyday habits. They understand why shoppers shop, how they shop, and what inspires them to buy what they buy. Let us help you find solutions to your most challenging in-store problems.

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Customize Solutions

Being vertically integrated allows us to be extremely agile and flexible and offering some of the best lead times in the industry. Our custom store lists will meet your specific needs, whether it is a full national network or highly targeted individual stores.

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Spark the Sale

We love the dynamic nature of retail and view change as an opportunity for growth. We act as a bridge and are able to connect brands and retailers with meaningful shopper engagement day in and day out. Only Insignia can deliver tailored solutions that engage your shopper and Spark the Sale!

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How We Do It

“What is refreshing about Insignia is they are large enough to be innovative, small enough to move quickly, and always open and responsive to the retailers’ concerns.”

– Insignia Retailer Partner

Our Guide to In-Store Marketing

Know your customers. Own the Aisles. Be a Consumer Packaged Good (CPG) Hero. Check out the grocery store edition of our guide to in-store marketing to gain the knowledge you need in order to spend your resources wisely.

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3M VAS Case Study

3M Visual Attention Software combines decades of research with predictive algorithms to test where the viewer fixates, before the viewer is aware of what they are looking at.

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“In a competitive environment, agility is crucial. Both your company and sales [team] provide the flexibility to complete key tactics within a short time frame. This is something greatly appreciated with Insignia.”

– Insignia Brand Partner

In-store marketing & shopper engagement experts